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Communicate: Facilitate Development of Interpersonal and Global Communication Skills

Big Ideas
  • Explore the value of Learning Networks both for educationalists and for students.
  • Explore the value of Twitter, plurk and other PLN tools for teachers eg nings set up specifically for English and Social Studies or meeting others of similar interests and passions
  • Build community to continue sharing ideas beyond cohort and conference
  • Wrap up with full circle back to the personal wiki pages/blogs as anchored learning spaces that facilitate communication

Key Skills
  • Commenting on peer work
  • Using Twitter and a communication
  • Entering networked conversation
  • Understanding hashtags

Suggested Tools

Recommended Workshops
  • Using Chinese social network (reccomended for teachers in China)
  • Edmodo Patrick Cauley
  • Twitter for Teachers - Kerri Lee Beasley and Clint Hamada
  • Usually social media to build powerful networks - Alec Couros
  • Understanding digital citizenship - Alec Couros
  • Connecting your students globally - Kim Cofino
  • Find your tribe - from network to community - Jabiz Raisdana

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