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Working with tools that can be used sychronously and asynchronously

Big Ideas
  • Gain experience in the use of a number of collaborative online tools
  • Develop further applications and experiences for the classroom
  • Add richness and content to this wiki eg construct meaning, share ideas, use as a collaborative learning space for notes and content creation.

Key Skills
  • Use a collaborative online document
  • Add content to a wiki
  • Embedding code
  • Hyperlinking
  • Uploading images

Suggested Tools

Suggested Task
  • Create a group wikipage and add the link under Groups on the navigation sidebar of this wiki
  • One group member creates a piratepad Share the link with your group.
  • As a group you are about to take four images
  • Using your pirate pad link, as a group brainstorm the key concepts below: (Note each group member should choose a different colour for text)
    1. What is our story about?
    2. What 4 images do we need?
    3. Create a narration for each image
    4. Putting it all together
  • Grab the code for your piratepad and embed on your group wiki page
    Before you attend cohort session three, you will need:-
    1. your four images
    2. your soundcloud audio completed

How do you think you can use these collaborative tools in your English or History classroom? Share ideas on your page and link back here.

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